It's the sum of our everyday choices that defines who we are.

Colleen Doyle Bryant

Common decency expert
offering tools to children, teens, and adults.

Author of Rooted in Decency: Finding Inner Peace in a World Gone Sideways

"Every day, we make lots of small choices that shape the type of people we want to be and the type of impact we want to have. When you think about it, most of life isn’t about big defining moments—those are few and far between. Really, we create ourselves in the little daily choices that show we’re honest, kind, and responsible. Choice by choice—layer by layer—we create ourselves. So come on in, and let’s explore who you want to be."

Colleen Doyle Bryant Author

Latest Release

Rooted in Decency, a book by Colleen Doyle Bryant

Rooted in Decency

Finding inner peace in a world gone sideways

What happened to common decency and how do we move forward to a place of more cooperation and kindness? Discover surprising insights behind why people are acting so divisively toward each other and why that can make life feel so off-balance. Each chapter offers “a-ha” insights that

— guide readers to better understand how the current culture may be affecting them personally
— help us make sense of how other people are acting
— identify the core values that create inner peace, even when the world seems so unstable.

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