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Truth Be Told Quotes

Real life advice for teens launching into adulthood

Today’s teens don’t want to be talked down to with impractical or self-righteous lectures. Studies show they want real advice they can use to figure out who they want to be and how they want to engage with the world. They want to know how to be successful in setting goals and making choices for their lives as adults.

Truth Be Told Quotes presents real life wisdom teens need, in a compassionate truth-telling tone. With a touch of humor, teens learn about creating their own opportunities and managing the ups and downs of life. The quotes and teaching resources help teens explore essential high school social emotional lessons like connecting choices and consequences, managing emotions, resolving conflict, and gaining self-awareness.

Familiar visual format

Teens are used to Instagram, memes, and other visual formats for learning and for sharing about their life. Each Truth Be Told Quote is presented in a visual format, on a beautiful photo from nature, that encourages emotional connection and self-reflection.

Supporting Activities

Truth Be Told is supported by a free resources catalog that includes a range of activities from worksheets and videos, to mindfulness coloring pages.

See full details and the activities catalog see the Truth Be Told Quotes Website.

Resources Catalog

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3rd Edition:
ISBN Print: 979-8986777610 
ISBN eBook: 979-8986777627
Pages: 38
Published: 2018, updated 2020 and 2022


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