It's the sum of our everyday choices that defines who we are.

Colleen Doyle Bryant

Common decency expert
offering tools to children, teens, and adults.


Author of books and teaching resources on core values, character, and social learning:

Rooted in Decency
Truth Be Told Quotes
Talking with Trees

Colleen Doyle Bryant Author


Rooted in Decency

Core Values & Moral Compass


Truth Be Told Quotes

Character & Life Skills


Talking with Trees

Values & Social Learninng



Core Values in the Workplace

Using core values to guide decision making at work

Creating wellbeing through good values resources by author Colleen Doyle Bryant

Wellbeing through Values

Blogs, podcasts, articles on the ways acting by core values improves wellness

Parenting Resources

Blogs, podcasts, articles with tips on raising kids with good character

Teaching teens values, character, life skills- Resources by author Colleen Doyle Bryant

Teaching Resources- Teens

Activities and lessons for teaching teens values and skills for real life.

Teaching Resources- Kids

Activities and lessons on values and social learning for elementary

Instagram Links

Links to the resources Colleen posts on Instagram